With over 25 years of experience, our goal is to give every customer the personal attention and support they need in order to improve their quality of life. We are a proactive pharmacy which means we stay up to date on medications and ways to reduce their side effects, communicate with your doctors, and reduce the cost of your medications. As a full-service pharmacy, in addition to your prescription medication, we sell medical equipment and offer many other services – some of which are described here.


Medications can be confusing. We have a highly trained staff ready to review your medication if you have any questions. We can also recommend over-the-counter products and supplements to help with potential side effects.

Medication Synchronization


Designed so that all of your prescriptions are filled and ready on the same day each month, medication synchronization is a FREE service. We’ll personally call you monthly before we prepare your medication. Get some peace of mind knowing that your medications will be on time, in order, and filled together.  Plus, you’ll make just one trip to the pharmacy each month!


As a special service to our patients enrolled in our sync program, we perform a FREE medication therapy review. Ask about our synchronization program today! It’s simple, it’s convenient and it’s FREE!

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction drugs are very expensive. We offer a much cheaper alternative.


Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra®, is now available in a generic 20mg tablet, and it costs significantly less. A prescription from your doctor is required, CLICK HERE to view a printable flier to bring to your doctor. If you have more questions, please visit our FAQ page.


  1. Have your doctor call, fax or send electronically a new prescription. For example:

Sildenafil 20mg #50, Take 1-5 tablets as needed for sexual activity.



  1. Once we receive the prescription from your doctor and have gathered your address and credit card information, we’ll promptly send your prescription via FREE First Class Mail to any Alabama address.


If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at (800) 923-7888.


Note: This is the FDA approved generic of Revatio® 20mg tablet. Sildenafil is an FDA-approved generic, but in a different strength than Viagra®. We cannot substitute Sildenafil for any prescription written for generic Viagra®, nor for Sildenafil 25mg, 50mg, or 100mg tablets.

Medication Flavoring




Getting our little ones to take medicine can be a challenge.  We offer medication flavoring which not only reduces medicine-time stress but also improves adherence.




Vaccines are the best defense we have against serious, preventable, and sometimes deadly diseases. A decision to vaccinate helps protect yourself and your loved ones, especially infants and the elderly. Flu, pneumonia, tetanus, and shingles are immunizations that we administer at our pharmacy. All vaccinations are given in a separate room in order to provide you with both comfort and privacy.

Drug Nutrient Depletion



When you look at a daily multi-vitamin, the ‘recommended daily allowance’ is the minimum amount of a vitamin the body needs to prevent disease.


However, this doesn’t take into consideration if a nutrient is being depleted by a prescription drug. We feel strongly that patients taking medicine for disease states like diabetes, high cholesterol or hypertension need to be on a pharmaceutical grade, high quality multi-vitamin.  We are proud to carry the Solutions RX supplement brand because it has helped many of our patients feel better.


If you are feeling fatigue, muscle aches, brain fog, or chronic diarrhea, it may be your medication depleting your body of essential nutrients. Our highly trained staff can assist you in identifying if you may benefit from a Solutions RX supplement.

Medication Therapy Management


At Jack’s Discount Pharmacy we take your overall health very seriously. Many of our patients see more than one doctor and it can be confusing to keep up with all the medication. That’s why we perform medical therapy reviews of all of your medications with a goal to optimize your drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes. We’ll review and then talk with you and your doctor about our recommendations. As part of our Medication Synchronization program, we automatically perform this review.

Medicare Review



Did you know that most people save around $800 per year just by making sure that they are on a Medicare Part D plan that fits their medications properly? That’s huge!  We are here to help you find those savings.



As a loyal customer, we help you decrease your healthcare costs whenever we can. While choosing the right Medicare Part D plan can save you money, it can be a confusing process.



We’re happy to provide you with a FREE Medicare consultation. Using specialized computer software allows us to easily pull your current drug list right from our pharmacy database and create a personalized plan comparison report for you in seconds. Not only can we find the best plan for you based upon your specific medications but we can also assist enrolling you into the plan. It’s just our way to help try to make this process as easy as possible.


Our Free Medicare Plan Comparison will show you:

  • Which plans do and do not cover your medications;
  • Which plans have high premiums and deductibles and which do not;
  • Which drugs require prior authorization from your physician, have quantity limits, or require step therapy;
  • What you can expect to pay out of pocket for the entire year, and when you can expect to enter the donut hole;
  • How your current plan compares to other plans.